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EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a free hard-disk partition manager
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EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a free hard disk partition manager. This program can create, delete or resize partitions on your hard drives.
It can create FAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3 or even unformatted partitions in the unallocated space of a hard drive. You can specify the label you would like the new partition to have, as well as the drive letter you will assign to it, and the size of the clusters. It is possible to change the size of any partition, creating new partitions in the unused space.

The program can show you detailed graphical information on every partition. It can also make copies of entire partitions, or show you the contents of each of them. Partition Master even includes a Defrag utility, which can enhance the performance of your hard disk by relocating files in such a way that they are saved in adjacent clusters.

The program also offers a bunch of actions that can be taken on entire disks, like deleting all the partitions, make a copy of a disk, wipe it completely or rebuild the Master Boot Record (MBR).

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It offers a lot of features that some commercial programs don´t


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